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English: Interview with Oscar nominee James Franco

Back in the day my College pals would call me Daddy’O. Basically because I kept all of them out of trouble. Althoughanother teammate started calling me trouble after uncharacteristically showed up for the last practice of three a days late. But that is a different story. Damned alarm clock!

Anyway, it seems James Franco and his pal, musician Tim O’Keefe (not me) have a new musical project called Daddy.  So I thought that interesting and worthy of a curation like post.

James Franco  recently launched Daddy, a new musical project with his friend musician-artist Tim O’Keefe. The duo’s heavily Motown-influenced EP, MotorCity, was released on September 25.

 “I had been listening to a ton of Motown, especially after being in Detroit for half a year,” explains Franco, who had been in the city filming the upcoming Oz: The Great and Powerful, about Daddy’s inspiration. “Another thing that happened at the same time was I saw Blue Valentine and I loved the song [“You and Me”] the characters listen to by Penny and the Quarters. I used that song in a Genius search on iTunes and found a bunch of other great obscure Motown songs. I loved the feel of Motown for our stuff because it was the opposite of what I thought would be the obvious direction — rock or something like that. I loved the smooth polished feel of Motown and the way it was so sexually oriented without being explicit.”



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