Change Your Mask to Change Your Coaching

Changing your possibility is easy when you play dressup.
Change your costume and mask.

Pete Carroll said that coaching is a performance. Put on your best mask for your best performance that you learner needs at that moment.

Which uniform do you think you would do better in?
Louisiana-Lafayette Rajin’ Cajuns (one of the worse college football teams ever)
Or you put on the current uniform of the Alabama Crimson Tide?

On the day after Halloween Michael Halbfish posted :

That moment when you’re not sure whether you should compliment a person’s costume, or recognize that they’re not in a Halloween costume.

Do you think people are more real when their masks are on or off?

What I love, love, love about Halloween is that it is a day when everyone can do a form of deep trance identification. It is a safe and appropriate day to be anyone, to explore, to try on a new identity. People are empowered to become anyone or anything they want. Every year, I like to think that some of that magic will stay with some people and maybe spread a bit.

I commented:

Yep freedom to be who you want ? So why not try on a new more compelling mask all the time?

Here is his thread:

Michael subsequently added his commentary into my thread:

Changing your possibility is as simple as changing your mask. And because it is make believe fantasy. You do not get stuck in statements like that is not the real me. (Hint, there is no real you other than what you choose to be, so choose wisely).
You can help the mask process by asking What would Nick Saban think , do , or say to me right now that would fix this?

Right after publishing this I saw that Lewis Howes has released a new book on Masks of Masculinity. I gotta get him on the podcast.

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