How to Get an Athletic Scholarship

How to get a College Athletic Scholarship with Coach Mike Dunlevy

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Coach Dunleavy’s organization has made millions of contacts with college coaches over the years to help athletes get scholarships in 29 various sports.

Do you have a young athlete and think that they might be special enough that they could get their college paid for through an athletic scholarship? WEll then listen in as Coach explains how to make it happen.

Parents need to listen to this so they can properly guide your young athlete on important life choices.

He can help you with :

  • When to start the process.
  • What is one of biggest mistake athletes make that cause a coach not to watch your film
  • Why grades matter more than ever.
  • What is the SAT, ACT and GPA criteria that will get an athlete opened up to 85% of the schools. And the NCAA minimum standard does not mean a school will want you.
  • What is the best criteria for building your best highlight film.
  • Other intangible requirements.
  • What about camps and combines? How many per year if any?
  • Are there more or less scholarship opportunities today? Clue: 80% of all scholarships are outside of the Division I level.

***Coach is part of National Collegiate Scouting Association® (NCSA) was started in 2000 for college coaches and student-athletes who want a competitive advantage in the recruiting process.

Coach Dunlevy was recently a NCAA Division III Head Football Coach who has coached over 28 years at NCAA Division I, NCAA Division III and Professionally. I have held many administrative positions and coordinated both Special Teams and Defense. I am a former NCAA Division III player and have been a 28-year member of the American Football Coaches Association.

Getting recruited is really hard – it’s confusing, and takes a lot of time. With NCSA, coaches and student-athletes are provided with the people and platform to discover opportunities and connect with each other.

We combine our status as an NCAA Approved recruiting network with more than 500 former college and professional athletes and coaches to deliver a highly-personalized experience that helps student-athletes get recruited and find the right college match. We help athletes in 29 sports.***

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