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Why Creating Leaders is the Point

When I council coaches, I teach them that a practice offers multiple teaching moments that we too often miss. Hopefully, those moments translate and we create leaders on the field. Who also find such moments to embrace. So Julie and I spent yesterday chatting with a long time friend Mindy. We had talked about the current...

How to Get Past  Sticking Points

How to Get Past Sticking Points

One of the concepts I introduced this week to our oline and Lbs is the contrast of to and through. Through is finishing, while to is tolerating. Have you ever punched a piece of wood in order to break it? You know Bruce Lee style. Besides good hip follow through. Maybe as important or more for...

Get Your Superman on!

Core Story:Building a Personal Code

Building Your Core Story Tony Robbins gives a great talk on building rituals. Much of which is how we talk to ourselves. And others. He says: You better take control of your state. Every one of you is controlled by your rituals. The rituals that worked in the reaping time of fall and the markets and...

How to Get an Athletic Scholarship

How to get a College Athletic Scholarship with Coach Mike Dunlevy (434) 251-7229 coachdunlevy@gmail.com Coach Dunleavy’s organization has made millions of contacts with college coaches over the years to help athletes get scholarships in 29 various sports. Do you have a young athlete and think that they might be special enough that they could get their...


Drew Bledsoe and Goals

Drew Bledsoe was a star quarterback at Washington State University before he skipped his senior year to go professional. In 1993, he was the No. 1 NFL draft pick and joined the New England Patriots. After nearly eight years he was traded to the Buffalo Bills, then moved to the Dallas Cowboys, before retiring in 2007....

Getting a Player Closer to His Truth

Getting a Player Closer to His Truth

This has tons of culture and team building built into the process. It also hopefully teaches the individual how we want to lie to ourself. And that the self that is Superman starts with some self honesty. In what we teach early on is the battle of Mr Whiner and Superman.



Sports are supposed to be fun. They are supposed to be about play. Too often we put rules on the process and make it serious. In the photo above how many well intended adults do you know that would try and explain to this child that the items seen. A basketball and a football helmet do...