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Getting a Player Closer to His Truth

Getting a Player Closer to His Truth

This has tons of culture and team building built into the process. It also hopefully teaches the individual how we want to lie to ourself. And that the self that is Superman starts with some self honesty. In what we teach early on is the battle of Mr Whiner and Superman.



Sports are supposed to be fun. They are supposed to be about play. Too often we put rules on the process and make it serious. In the photo above how many well intended adults do you know that would try and explain to this child that the items seen. A basketball and a football helmet do...

Goal Setting to Never Be Present

Often times people get lost in goal setting and either get stuck when it is achieved. Or are so busy in the future they are not in the here and now where things get done. This also can lead people and teams to want to win at all costs while forgetting or not even creating the...

A Multiple Metaphor Approach to Team Building

By my final year as a coach I started each practice with deep breaths, and “put your superman on!” poses. There are many reasons that this was brilliant in my view. Controlling physiology is huge in athletics and in life. And since I was more interested in their big game. This was something that got into...

Coaching for a Real “Win Forever”

Coaching for a Real “Win Forever”

I love  seeing coaches write about the long term effects of what coaching does to kids. I cringe when a coach tells me that his purpose is to make a kid ready for the next level. Because I know that is not right. Because I know the next level to most coaches is high school, or...


Intelligence and Wisdom

There is a saying that the  schools are too full of educated idiots.  My bias bell rings true on that one.  And I think any wise man is willing to consider one’s own bias. The smart man learns from his mistakes, the wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Indeed it seems wisdom requires a...