Intelligence and Wisdom

There is a saying that the  schools are too full of educated idiots.  My bias bell rings true on that one. 

And I think any wise man is willing to consider one’s own bias.

The smart man learns from his mistakes, the wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

Indeed it seems wisdom requires a deeper analysis than just being smart about something.  Or perhaps the better word is observance.

The smart man knows that 2+2=4. The wise man profits from the law. The wise man seeks council on not one a successful man says he does, but what he does.

I have met many a smart man act unwise. I have met many seemingly dumb people act wise. The old wise koot out on the porch teaching about life seems to be something many of educated want to distance themselves.

Be smart. Observe your surroundings and self. Observe your teachable moments. Your learning will scale way faster.



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