playSports are supposed to be fun. They are supposed to be about play. Too often we put rules on the process and make it serious.

In the photo above how many well intended adults do you know that would try and explain to this child that the items seen. A basketball and a football helmet do not belong with one another?

Do you remember making guns and bows from sticks, and your team would protect the town? Or creating new games from the resources within your grasp?

Those of us lucky enough to be given that latitude are I believe more creative and resourceful than those who were not and protected from these elements.

Play is not about being serious.

So every once in a while. Why not make your practicse be about playfulness.

Watch a Pete Carroll practice. He is a like boy in a candy store. Sure it is high intense pressure going on that field. But he brings a childlike fun to the game.

Jim Mora also exhibits that boyish persona. Talking to either of these men is infectious. Their passion goes viral on you.

I submit to you that these guys are playing by their own rules. And since it is their rules they get to change them at will.  It is this lack of confines that gives them the creativity to fix that which needs fixing and the ability to pass on their boyishness into their players.

So they can play fast.

Play is not much different than coloring outside the lines.


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