Core Story:Building a Personal Code

Building Your Core Story

Tony Robbins gives a great talk on building rituals. Much of which is how we talk to ourselves. And others. He says:

You better take control of your state. Every one of you is controlled by your rituals.
The rituals that worked in the reaping time of fall and the markets and in business and a real estate those rituals won’t work now if you do the right thing at the wrong time you get pain.

If you do the right thing at the wrong time you don’t get rewarded.
You better know what season you’re in to do that you’re going to learn how to
change your state, how to take control of your own conditioning.

Whenever you focus on you’re going to find it. In fact let me tell you something you’ll even find it when it’s not there!!

Why we have lots of things we should do. But we won’t until they become a MUST.

It can propel you and even limit you. Robbins tells how his musts raised him up and then kept him down. Until he got some new musts.

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