Why Creating Leaders is the Point

When I council coaches, I teach them that a practice offers multiple teaching moments that we too often miss. Hopefully, those moments translate and we create leaders on the field. Who also find such moments to embrace.

So Julie and I spent yesterday chatting with a long time friend Mindy. We had talked about the current state of football.

She grew up at ground zero in the era of Nebraska and the Cornhuskers. She was there as a student for fumblerooskie and Mike Rosier. I often marvel what a wonderful place it must have been to attend the school during that era.

Not sure if you have ever been to a UCLA USC game, or a USC Notre Dame game. The air crackles. Its electric in the air. She said that is how it is at every game as a Cornhusker. And even around town radios blast and red is adorned everywhere. Even at the local convenience stores.

The conversation turned to some in sport who do not wear their given position with responsibility and dignity these days. How already after two weeks I am working to help instill leadership skills within the players at my school where I coach.

She is the one that said. Responsibility. A word I use often with players. In fact, you can often hear me state “moral obligation.”

She told us the story of how she and several other students were going down a steep flight of stairs in between classes. And in front of her and many others was a very heavy set girl who amongst kids of that age may be the subject of some cruelty.

This big young lady tripped and fell on the stairs in front of everyone. Imagine her pain and horror.

This reminds me of Cialdinis “Social Proof”. When not sure what to do, humans look to others for guidance. Our preponderance to succumb to peer pressure.

She narrated “what would such young men and women do in that situation?” Many looked around at others to laugh or snicker or what to do.

From the crowd of students emerged the quarterback of the Husker football team. McCathorn Clayton .As the crowd was still in limbo, our young hero attended to this young lady.

He helped her up. Checked her well being and assisted her along her way while hoping to diminish her embarrassment.

30 years later. Our friend Mindy shares this story of leadership with Julie and I. This young leaders act still impacts her so many years and experiences later. He embraced his responsibility on and off the field.

That is how it should be.

The game should teach giving. Not taking.
To give to the other 10.Not just the one.
I find most in any other sport cannot get how holy that concept is. It simply does not exist anywhere else in society . Only outside of society in war.

Without the giving, I am not sure what is the point? 30 years or so later. I want to give him props. His action of kindness and humility is remembered. And repeated amongst those he taught that day in how to act when given a teachable moment.

Robert Cialdini’s Social Proof is at 2:20

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