Building a Youth Football Program

The word program is appropriate since it means to program. It is a verb not a passive noun.  An action word that is a process and ongoing.

I want to start with some very simple questions:

  • What is Your Emergency Plan?
  • What is Your Communication Plan for parents and kids?
  • What is Your Safety Protocol?
  • What is your Coaching Philosophy?
  • What is Your Character Philosophy?
  • What is Your Coaching Philosophy on Blocking?
  • What is Your Coaching Philosophy on Tackling?
  • What is Your Practice Protocol Week 1, Week 2 on?
  • What is Your Authority mentality amongst your coaches?
  • How Will You Delegate Administratively?
  • What is your Philosophy on Discipline?
  • Are your assistants and admins qualified to carry out your agenda? Are they empowered? And are they qualified to be empowered?
  • What is Your Game Day Plan?