Arnold Schwarzenneger Success Formula

Lou Ferrigno & Arnold Schwarzenegger
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I can zero in a on a vision of where I want to be in the future. I can see it so clearly in front of me, when I daydream, its almost a reality. Then I get this easy feeling, and I don’t have to be uptight to get there because I already feel like I’m there.That its just a matter of time.

I set a goal, visualized it very clearly, then created the drive, the hunger for turning it into reality. There is a kind of joy in that kind of ambition, in having a vision in front of you. With that kind of joy, discipline isn’t negative or grim. You love doing what you have to do-going to the gym, working hard on the set. Even when pain is part of reaching the your goal, and it usually is, you can accept that too.

Arnold Schwarzenneger

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