The Battle of Whiner and Superman

The game is only metaphor for a larger battle going on between the ears. This battle is the epic fight where man decides to slay his fear and asks will I be ordinary & average like the collective? Or will he climb his stairway to those spoils reserved for the unique… that is waiting for the player to claim simply through his effort and will? That is why football is like no other. A Coach builds up and requires his player to climb those stairs.
You will recall in a previous post we talked about the alter egos of Mr. Whiner and Superman.  Whiner always reminds us that we can take it easy and that indeed others are taking it easy so we should be able to also. He is very successful for his consistency. Mr. Whiner is persistent. A true character of success. However, not our success.

“When you want to be as successful as you want to breath when held under water. That is when you will be successful.”

“Sleep is for those that are broke, I have an opportunity to make a dream a reality” Fifty Cent

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