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“Success is Uncommon, therefore it will not be enjoyed by the common man.” Tony Dungy’s College Coach

“People assume that everyone wants to be the best that they can be. I think everybody just wants to be average and get by.” Nick Saban Head Coach Alabama Crimson Tide

“As long as a player doesn’t know his limits. He doesn’t know that he is not very good…he’s got a chance to be very good.” Butch Ford Celina High School

“The great thing about football is everyone’s on a level playing field and its about who wants it the most.” Troy Aikman

“When you’re playing, you think you are going to play forever. …you are going to look back and its going to be the greatest time in your life….And if thats true then act like it. Make a memory and enjoy it.” John Madden

“Play every play like its the last play you will ever play…Ask yourself ‘how do I want to be remembered’.”

“Yah Football is different. You can’t coach people to get ready to play football riding around in an airconditioned car eating twinkies..you gotta suck it up, get ready , bend your knees, and have a flat back and keep your head up when its a thousand degrees and you feel like you are gonna die…and drive yourself so you knock that guy in the endzone, and there is not an easy way, or nice way, or polite way to teach that. That’s football and that’s life”. Bill Curry Head Coach Georgia State

“It’s when everything is absolutely wrong, thats when the test of manhood comes.” David Cutcliffe Duke University

Most of us who play, were told by somebody that we are not good enough. And they do everything in their power to tell you why you are going to fail. And if you believe them, you become on of them. They are very good recruiters. Do we want to believe what they say about us, or do we want to believe this internal voice thats saying to us all the time, YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT, God gave you this ability! Just keep truckin, nobody can stop you!'” Bill Curry

“Don’t be stifled by constraints that you think are there, because they’re not.” Bill Parcells

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