Why Richard Branson is a Billionaire and Not You

Get on with itProcrastinate or No Procrastinate? that is the question.

While coaching nothing frustrated me more than to have to watch a kid look around the group before exceeding his stasis*. As if he needed their permission to do better. We have all acted like this,  as we wait to take action for fear of failing.  No doubt playing out that scenario in our head of all the ways it won’t work. Instead of how a Richard Branson just goes for it.

Certainly, the identity the procrastinator creates around himself and the persona others see him as can serve as a deterrent to breaking stasis. No doubt in order to take that action, the player or businessman must have enough belief in one’s own resources to take on the inevitable shit storm they are about to create.

Perhaps stasis is OK because it feels safer. Maybe, its just less work. Whilst perhaps Branson just makes bigger messes that he knows he has the mental and physical resources to organize them into massive money making businesses. Maybe, Branson has a bigger vision that compels him to say. “screw it, move on and do it” when its time to take action.

A nice article on Branson and the motivation for this article.
*Stasis From Wikipedia: “Stasis (from Greek  “a standing still”) may refer to a state of stability, in which all forces are equal and opposing, therefore they cancel out each other.”
From Websters: “State or condition in which things do not change, move, or progress”.

Richard Branson talks to TED’s Chris Anderson about the ups and the downs of his career, from his multibillionaire success to his multiple near-death experiences — and reveals some of his (very surprising) motivations. Vik Nithy is the founder of 3 companies at the age of 20 including how own marketing consulting firm. His left after school Vik has been extremely successful despite being diagnosed with ADHD after finishing his school exams. Developing his passion for cognitive neuroscience, educational reform and the potential of young people.

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