Leave it on the Field

You may know that I Coach a Youth Football team for seven years now. Besides absolutely loving the game, my real passion is in teaching the kids the analogous life lessons that practice and that games present to them.

I tell the story to my kids of how long ago when I played youth ball there was a kid on the team named Mikey. And Mikey had all the attributes that I and certainly all the other kids wanted. Mikey had speed, he had agility. And he had future NFL good looks. His face was made for a Football Card.

Well, my coaches (God bless them) taught us that we always had more in us than we were telling ourselves. That even though what we think is our 100% we really are only utilizing maybe 50% or 60% of our mental and physical capabilities.

I took this to heart and by the time high school came around I won way more awards than a kid should get. I even was the Senior Most Athletic . Placing over dudes that were future NBA players and an 11 year NFL and two year Pro Bowl player. That blows me away to even say that.

May I say athletically these guys were given the goods. So I say to my kids, we are all born with our 100%, but what we think is our 100% is actually at around 50%.

We always, always have more. And most of the time if we could even crank it up to our real level. Say even 65%, we will outshine most of humanity.

So there are a ton of struggling folks out there today. Lots of bad news.  But what I am saying here is that it’s only the second quarter. We got a whole ‘nother half to play.

We, you, I have much more that we can give.

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