On God & Bigger Things

Because of the age we live, or perhaps from ease of mass information it seems the atheists have found their voice.  Guys like Richard Dawkins (author of God Delusion) are finding it easier to make their case in such a graceless age.  So both believers and atheist argue over belief that there is, or there isn’t God.

I have always found this a ludicrous argument since debating something totally unprovable seems an exercise in futility. Typically the line of logic is based on instruments of (repeat after me) F-A-I-T-H. That are supported by other instruments of…you got it faith. Ad infinitum.

The “Unbelievers” argue by essentially debating against what to them must seem like hot air.  While the believers use their bible and other instruments of faith as proof, the unbelievers like Dawkins use science. And of course   science is nothing but an explanation or model of reality, until some other better model comes along.  So atheists like Dawkins walk in their own form of religion. 

It seems incredibly egotistical for either side to enter debate instead of doing something about it. What is to be gained by debating something you cannot truly win?  Is the faith of either that thin?

While the many talk, the few do. I guess that is to be human.  Faith does seem to be most transparent in it’s demonstration. And in that transparency the efficacy and/or holes in either argument’s methodology are revealed.  

 I cannot hear a word you are saying because who you are speaks so loudly.

Certainly I am dropping into muddy waters and have no intention of trying to answer century old debates or issues. However, in a world so seemingly lacking of real principle or leadership, I feel the urge to put my two cents forward.

Yoda from the movie Star Wars believed in his god called the FORCE  told Luke Skywalker “don’t try, DO!”. Put a more crass way in the business world we hear, “bullshit talks, money walks!” While people like those in the video below argue over whether God exists, there are others who prove it and are doing something about the current state of affairs. If they are not proving God exists then they certainly are proving love exists. Call HIM what you wish.

We all have talents. I feel it our mandate to use those talents to make this place better.  Politics sadly does little to achieve this and often obfuscates important issues into power plays.  Not all of us are Bono or Angelina Jolie. But we all have talents that in the most least of ways can bring each other up.


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