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Male Coded Christmas Shopping

There seem such a disconnect between the news and at least what I have experienced in my dips into world of malls and shopping of late.

The last few years I have shopped online not so much because of my support of all that is digital, but perhaps an innate male fear of the giant parking lot, the long walk and giant store(s). Each one an event filled with obstacles called people. And each of these people no doubt have been strategically placed to be in MY way.

As part of the male species I think of gift shopping as the target and the people as obstacles. Every male has been hard wired to treat each of these gifts as their personal mission. So each car and each person who steps into my path triggers old football urges to stay low, drive my feet and get to the quarterback. In this case that skateboard sitting on the furthest section of the store.

On this particular Christmas & during this particular economy, in California where I was told by the sexy voice on the radio that we have the second highest unemployment in the Country at 8.2%. I wonder if these obstacles, I mean people have chosen to play by the sexy voice’s rules. Because, the freakin’ places are packed every single day and night since I started paying attention on black Friday.

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