Not a Label

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The Coach: Ernie, this is Floyd Little.
Floyd, this is…

Floyd: Ernie Davis….2,386 yards,360 carries, 6.6 yards a carry.

Ernie Davis: You good at math, huh?

Floyd: You see, my plan is to be just like you,best Negro running back in the NCAA, Heisman Trophy all the way.

Then the NFL, make some money.

Ernie Davis: You got it all figured out, don’t you?

(pointing down at a soda bottle ) What kind of bottle do you think this is?

Floyd: Don’t know. Don’t have a label.

Ernie Davis: Right.  It could be a soda bottle, it could be a beer bottle,it could be anything. No label.You see, I never set out to be the best Negro running back. I just wanted to be
the best running back. The best football player I could be. Period. Look, now I’m…Floyd, I’m never gonna play for Cleveland. Or any other team. My playing days are over.
So don’t you look at that poster of me on your wall and tell me you want to be like me, because that isn’t enough.

You’re gonna have to do better than that.

Floyd Little was recently inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

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