The Super Bowl and Politics Do Not Mix

It is somewhat ironic that as the fake politico-ex sports caster Olberman was recently fired from the network, Lawrence would attempt to tie sports to an excuse for socialism.

Well let me be more clear because it would not be fair to talk about his fuzzy logic while not being razor sharp on my indictment of this retarded socialist.

In the above videos he attempts to draw a parallel to the violence of the game of football to the so called military industrial complex.

I would urge Mr. O’Donnel to study some Jung. And consider his own passive aggressive -socialist anger as his own “warrior” archetype. Wimpy as it may be.

And I won’t bother with Bill Maher who once somewhat made sense, and yet today babbles further into obscurity as he wears Libertarianism and behaving like a Socialist. For that I give O’Donnel props as he at least admits his ill.

In the above videos I was also insulted to hear that O’Donnel believed that wide receivers did not have to hit anyone. Well Larry boy just because you were afraid of a little mano y mano, in reality the X,Y, and Z had better hit, and be able to take a hit.

I guess I am delving this blog into politics because I am again insulted that Maher and then O’Donnel would feel the right to even comment on an American game from which they are obviously so separated from emotionally, spiritually, and clearly physically.

Regarding the economics of these cities. MSNBC  hosts love to pull one side of a ledger as a singular event. Makes sense as Socialists they would not get that free market economics is in fact synergistic.

He claims that the City of  Dallas paid for the stadium of which the Super Bowl was held. Socialism at its best as he says.

Yet, fails to mention the property taxes directly from the Stadium property and added revenues to the surrounding community and its businesses. When business is good. Property taxes are good.

Check out Detroit for a case study on that one. They cannot give away commercial property out there for just the back taxes. Kid you not.

Of course there is an ongoing Super Bowl happening on the internet.  Find out how to profit from it here.

A partial transcript of the videos:

…” time for tonight’s rewrite, and it is time once again time to rewrite myself. i’ve been bothered all week by something i said in this space monday night in my hate filled attack on sports socialism. i really, really hate sports socialism, and wrote my first attack on it 15 years ago. i hate, hate that football players’ salaries are paid for partially with your tax dollars. i hate it because tax money pays for the stayed yucatan peninsula. the owners and players laugh all the way to the bank with inflated incomes that would be millions less if they were not the direct beneficiaries of sports socialism. if the nfl had to pay for their stadiums, the $50 million quarterback would have to get, you know, maybe 10 million. the $ 10 million player would have to get by on maybe $7 million. and those lowly million players, they are all-star ving already, it wouldn’t make much difference to them. the day after the super bowl when you let all of ? that hatred stir in the same small brain that clings to the vietnam eery lefty analysis of football, as the most deliberately violent and mill tar is particularly designed support, highly compatible and supportive of the most mill tar is particular country in the world, a sport whose rise mirrors not just coincidentally the rise at the very same time of the american military industrial complex, you get one very angry lefty sitting down to write about football for his tv show that night. as i’ve said here before, there is good socialism, medicare. and there is bad socialism, football stadiums. as a good socialist, it falls to me to defend good socialism and attack bad socialism. but both should be done with grace. something that eluded me monday night. i was so taken with the bill maher joke that i quoted it in my first sentence. he calls professional football, quote, the spectacle of juiced up millionaires getting brain damage. i went onto use the phrase juiced up millionaires three more times and squeezed in the brain damage bit once more at the end. bill, the professional comedian said it once. me, trying to be the wise guy, i pushed it way past the point of, i don’t know, human decency. brain damage? very funny. the only article i can remember writing for my high school newspaper that required actual reporting was about the inadequacy of football helmets, and how everyone playing the game was unknowingly risking brain damage. my high school football coach didn’t like the piece very much. he thought it indicated that maybe i was not willing to give 110%. which i wasn’t. with my head anyway. which is why ? i was a wide receiver and never had to hit anyone. during this past football season, the “the new york times” caught up with my high school newspaper many decades later and ran the only pulitzer award winning series i have seen in the sports section about the inadequacy of football helmets and the proven tragedy of brain damage that haunts the nfl. too many good men, vibrant men ruined by playing a game they loved. not funny. juiced up millionaires? bill maher said it once. i said it four times. if you’re going to describe football players, four times, elemental creativity demands you find more than one phrase to do it. i had too much fun with that phrase and i don’t think anyone else did. an msnbc friend called me after the show said i went too far, crossed the line, and i knew it was true the second i heard it. then a couple of other friends told me the same thing. last night, a couple more friends told me. i finally realized i had to say something about it. i am very sorry that i used language in a not entirely come eed i can setting that was unfair and cruel. it was unfair not just to all nfl players, but to all professional athletes who suffer stereotyping because of the bad behavior of some of their co-workers. my father was a boston cop before going to law school nights and becoming a lawyer. two occupations that suffer stair i don’t see typing. here is what he wasn’t when he was a cop. a racist, brutal, or on the take. here is what he wasn’t when he was a lawyer. a liar, a crook, or a cheat. his son owed you something better monday night. to the wives of the nfl, to their sons and daughters, and to all professional athletes from jackie robinson on who have contributed so might i will ee to our history and to our growth as a nation……”

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