The Similarities of Richard Sherman and Katy Perry

Katy Perry came out in a witches outfit last Sunday during the Grammys.

Many called the performance a satanic ritual while one female Christian performer got up and left.

Putting religion aside, Perry used the oldest trick in the book to stay relevant in pop culture. Get your opposition talking about you. And if you do not have opposition. Create some.

It goes back to the Beatles and even to the Crossroads legend of Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil at Cross Roads and he got instant fame and guitar skill.

Perry got Christians to talk about her music and performance.

This is propaganda/polarization 101. Use your opposition to talk about you so that your marketplace finds that you still matter.

And heck you may find some new fans along the way.

This little trick of human nature reminds me of my rock n roller friend who gave advice to the  mother of a rebel child.

He said put his Metallica CD on and learn it and listen to it. And you will align with the boy and if anything defuse music as a rebellion vehicle.

Richard Sherman and the Temple of Me

So during this same week we witnessed the Richard Sherman outburst.

Most explanations of why it was wrong have missed the mark, as has most folks in favor of his antics.

Self Promotion during Super Bowl Week can trace as far back as Broadway Joe Namath. It is not new as players use the hype of the media week to expand their own personal brand.

This is the first time however in my recollection that a player expanded his brand whilst distancing himself from his team and the sacred game that gives him his voice.

A football game is about a group. Not one individual. And the great thing about the game is within all the savagery is a mutual respect for the game and its players. It is a fraternity for life. Everybody knowing each other at literally 1 or 2 degrees of separation.

Sherman gave a choke sign to Kaepernick, said his opponent Crabtree sucks, and then ranted uncontrollably about how great he is. Not his team. His female  interviewer Erin Andrews seemed a bit perplexed although never backed out of his space and was called off mid sentence of her attempt at a real interview. No doubt either for her safety or to just end the non-sensical charade.

It seems most who appreciated Sherman’s condor seem to come from a fan perspective while those who respect the game as sacred did not.


Sherman later apologized and then claimed racism for any criticism of his behavior. Went onto a major sports anchor and disrespected his whole career as well as behave bizarre in other interviews. All talking about what he is and does. Not his team.

Sherman is supposedly a smart man. He understands self promotion.

The difference however between Katy Perry and him is that Perry “plays” for Team Katy Perry, Sherman plays for the Sea Hawks.

To disrespect others however in order to promote oneself is not in the best interest of the SeaHawks.

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