Put Your Superman On

The kids would love the story of the battle of Mr Whiner and Superman.  Whiner sits on one shoulder and tells you why you do not need to effort or work. You are fine just at your current level of progress. Thus justifying the pain of running  wind sprints or stairs and ones choice to run them  half ass. I actually found that many boys simply thought they were actually working hard. Because to them it was the hardest they had ever worked!

Superman sits on the other shoulder. Telling you that you are capable of so much more. And in that more is your victory.But it is your personal choice to kick Whiners ass or Superman’s.

I told that in its various ways from the 2nd grade on up through when they were in the 8th.

I love using the metaphor as it taps into the Reluctant Hero  mythology from Joseph Campbell that is so prevalent in comic book heroes including Clark Kent/Superman. And taps into the hero that every young man carries in his spirit.

While Mr Whiner is every villian played in the Comics. And if it could not be more obvious when Spidermans foe Venom was manifested. Another analogy is the Dr. Jekyl Mr Hyde duality . And which one we are, is by our choice.

Notice that both actors look similar and their suits are similar except that venom takes on a more dastardly look.

Isn’t that much more fun that coaching X’s and O’s?

Get Your Superman on!

Get Your Superman on!


Superman Tee

Superman Tee (Photo credit: Max-California)




Superman (Photo credit: xeno_sapien)




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